Thursday, November 20, 2008

My First Tagging

My First Tagging!!!
I got tagged by my daughter, Lauren, who is trying to help me figure out this whole blogging world! Anyway, here it goes...
I am: trying to get my house organized
I know: that I love my family (Mark, Lauren, Jeff, Ava, Kelsey, Cameron, and Cody)
I want: to get my Christmas cards out on time this year
I have: many blessings
I hate: spiders
I miss: my daughters, son-in-law, and granddaughter, ava
I feel: happy that it's almost Christmas
I hear: the news on T.V.
I smell: the air in my house.
I crave: chocolate and Red Lobster food
I search: for knowledge on how to be more computer literate.
I love: to sing with my family!
I always: love to look at the stars at night.
I sing: whenever I hear a good song!
I write: alot of to-do lists.
I lose: sleep when I have too much on my mind.
I win: about 50% of the time!
I never: swear!
I listen: to birds singing in the morning
I am scared: when I have to go outside at night (I might bump into a bear!)
I tag: DeeAnn Hansen, Debbie McEwen, Chris Enriquez, Diane Jorgensen